The 50 Best Jazz Drummers Of All Time

For many years the biggest international jazz collectors have tried to hunt down this first album by a commonly unknown and nearly forgotten jazz pianist from the small German village named Odenkirchen. The original album was manufactured in a tiny edition of copies only and is impossible to find nowadays. The usual Walter Strerath Trio performed regionally since the mid 60s and their line-up was enhanced with trumpet, fluegelhorn and saxes just for this recording session. The reissue label payed attention to a nearly identical reproduction of the formerly silk screen-printed gatefold cover in silver and grey colour and with original center punch. All original recordings were carefully mastered and even the CD cover adapts the exceptional artistic design by Uwe Loesch and Juergen Hillmer from Duesseldorf, appearing very close to the original artwork. Walter Strerath earned himself the reputation as one of the best jazz pianists from Europe.

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Duke Ellington was among the preeminent American composers of the 20th century, and the most exhaustively studied of all jazz artists. There are more books and articles about him than any other jazz musician, and collectors have pored over his vast discography — not just a prolific half-century studio output but also hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts, audience tapes, and film and television appearances.

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and his all stars, Duke Ellington and his orchestra At Newport. CBS Swing Along With Little Jazz A Monday Date – Chicago High Life – Blues In Thirds. BYG.

It is best to call ahead or check with organizer’s websites to verify the status of any local event. Swingin’ at the Savoy-The Stories of Swing! Hear the band play the most fun songs of the swing era! See Perth’s leading swing dancers. Listen to the wild stories of the jazz artists and dancers. Feel the energy and passion of this great era of music and dance.

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Oscar Peterson at the piano? Oscar Peterson was the piano. His touch could be light and feathery, as ethereal as a memory. It could operate with blinding speed, releasing liquid lines that felt like a river bursting a dam. Or it could release rumbling cascades of notes, pounding out a stratagem of confidence and assurance. At other times, constant piston motion — hands working the keys, arms sweeping up and down the keyboard — gave Peterson a supple bounce, as if that bench was hot.

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The Columbus Metropolitan Library system is something like a speed dating event for music nerds. While I was expecting a more detached, historical, and likely scholarly experience, it has become one of unabashed fandom as I discover myself periodically shaking my head because of how great the musicianship is. By the end of the s, the nightclub scene in jazz was dying. But looks can be misleading. While the band looked classically traditional and played the familiar instruments, the music of the 60s quintet sounds like it was ready to explode right off the stage.

It barked and growled at anyone who dared get too close.

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There are more books and articles about him than any other jazz musician, and Home recording of Duke Ellington and His Original Cotton Club 33 1/3 r.p.m., and the slower speed meant that the disc lasted much longer.

The celebrated crooner did some serious damage to his foot a while back and due to major complications in surgery, if he were to perform at the anticipated weekender he would risk some serious permanent damage — shattering his foot. Thankfully, Touch Sensitive has stepped in at the last minute to keep the party vibes going right into the Sunday night.

Disconnect are offering refunds for Sunday single day ticket holders or alternatively will swap them to Saturday tickets. Patrons can do so by contacting ticketbooth via support ticketbooth. Head to mojosbar. Lou Barlow Pic: Rachel Enneking. Also, in conjunction with Beyondblue, who aim to improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by depression, anxiety, suicide and cyber bullying, Illy has also created his own virtual swear jar, inviting friends and fans to donate money each time they swear.

Illy will be playing at Capitol on Saturday, February For tickets hit up illyal.


In the s, Leon Abbey and his Afro-jazz band came to ‘Bombay’ and changed the music scene forever. Patrons, with a taste for western culture thronged the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which opened its doors to musicians from across the world. Even Bollywood imbibed the spirit of jazz in it’s own numbers, Shammi Kapoor’s jiving with swing music became a signature move in all his films and Geeta Dutt crooning Mera Naam Chin Chin Choo , which went on to become a chartbuster.

In the ’60s and ’70s, with the advent of rock ‘n’ roll, the pendulum swung away from jazz. And with the end of free Jazz Yatras talent from the US travelling to Mumbai each year for extravagant concerts in the late s, the genre slid into obscurity.

Date, City, Venue, Country In Mace recorded and release Land Speed Record, with a New York ensemble. In a Perth Oompah! will transform the Ellington Jazz Club into a German beer hall for one night of Oompah! madness.

As narrator, bandleader, trumpeter and composer, Ron McCurdy is the central dynamic force powering his acclaimed, multimedia presentation of a Langston Hughes trailblazing magnum opus, Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz. Hughes began writing the piece, which he dedicated to Louis Armstrong, while serving as poet-in-residence at the Newport Jazz Festival. Plans for a musical collaboration with Charles Mingus and later with Randy Weston fell through.

The work, which was published in , was never performed with jazz accompaniment before Hughes’s death from prostate cancer in at the age of McCurdy, a professor of music at the University of Southern California, has over the past decade presented his ambitious Hughes homage — he calls it his Langston Hughes Project — many hundreds of times in museums, colleges, halls, and auditoriums throughout the United States. McCurdy, a Ph. McCurdy, who doubles as the narrator and as the trumpeter in his backup jazz quartet, shares the narrating role for the Yale appearance with spoken-word artist Kenyon Adams, and is joined by musical collaborators, pianist Yuma Sung, bassist Noah Jackson and drummer Bryan Carter.

What McCurdy, a mixed media alchemist, has done is blend Hughes’s blues-drenched poetic hues and cries against racism and caustic calls for justice with a flowing, complementary, thought-provoking mix of spoken word, original jazz pieces and compelling images appearing sequentially on screen, including some surprising, archival treasures, replete with allusions to the Harlem Renaissance. As the verse is recited at the podium by McCurdy, delivered with the dramatic flair of a charismatic preacher at the pulpit, you hear swinging, original music performed by his quartet — pieces echoing the vibrant sense of syncopation, freedom, and groove that crackles through the jazz and blues-loving Hughes’s poetic, riffing lines.

In many pleasant ways, he added, the multimedia show is charged with the emotion of an inspiring revival meeting far removed from any arid, purely academic exercise in resurrecting an American classic. Ron McCurdy Credit Artist’s website.

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Duke Ellington OZ Reissue LP Paris Blue EX MFP Jazz Swing Big Band Duke Ellington A Date With The Duke vinyl LP album record French JC Artist: Duke EllingtonDuration: LPSpeed: 33 RPMCustoms services.

Bar Lunatico Miles Okazaki Trio w. Barbes Aryeh Kobrinsky Quintet w. Smoke Al Foster Birthday Celebration w. Bar Lunatico E. Mahattan School of Music Terence Blanchard w. Manhattan School of Music Studio Orchestra. Happygolucky No. Studio Charlie Kirchen Trio w. Thompson Quartet w. Bar Lunatico Arthur Kell Quartet w. Soul Gnawa and guest Jason Lindner. Bar Bayeux Jonathan Finlayson Quartet w. Quartet w.

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She will present classics from the Great American Songbook, including some associated with her favorite jazz vocalists, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Join us at the Ellington Jazz Club as we celebrate the music of the man that we named our venue in honour of — Duke Ellington. Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre.

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The cultural, sociological and technical histories of jazz and motion pictures have run in parallel, sometimes intersecting, lines ever since both forms emerged at the end of the nineteenth century. Neither found it easy to be accepted as a legitimate form of personal or artistic expression. The early days, spent at the very fringes of respectable society, were difficult in each case. Film grew up in vaudeville houses, traveling fairgrounds, and penny arcades, jazz in the lower depths of New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta.

Few supposedly respectable people dared to be seen at screenings and performances in those first years. In the s jazz and film both faced the tremendous challenge of the electric recording revolution. They slowly and painfully adapted themselves, eventually growing to freedom, maturity and respectability until finally they were acknowledged to be two of the most important and influential cultural forces in our civilization.

It could be thought ill advised for any one person to state quite categorically exactly where and when the history of “Jazz on the Screen” should begin for the sands shift as our knowledge of history unfolds. There were certainly plenty of appearances by jazz groups and individuals in silent pictures. The cinema was, as always, quick to catch on to this new phenomenon, portraying an endless stream of flappers and their beaus gyrating madly to a succession of jazz or dance bands in literally dozens of movies.

Few of these bands and the individual musicians in them have ever been identified or ever will be. In the silent days the bands would actually have been playing for the dancers on set, so they were comprised of genuine performing musicians, whereas in all but very early sound films the musicians, more often than not actor-musicians or sideliners, as they were later to become known, would be miming to pre-recorded tracks.

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So much fun with the kids showing them all the old games we used to play. Hilarious seeing them all The Nostalgia Box is a museum about gaming and specifically video games, as it contains more than

It could operate with blinding speed, releasing liquid. while playing a rare club date at Charlie’s Georgetown in Washington, D.C. “And Duke Ellington, who once called Peterson the “maharajah of the keyboard,” was.

You felt you could hear the sound start in the viscera and work its way through his small body, carving a path in his throat, and bursting forth in breathtaking release. Eldridge began playing drums at the age of six; he later learned to play the bugle, and then the trumpet, receiving some early training on that instrument from his. Jazz trumpeter, c. As he became proficient on the trumpet, Eldridge turned for inspiration not just to brass players such as Rex Stewart and Red Nichols, but also to saxophonists, whose work he admired for its speed and fluidity.

Eldridge formed his first band in Pittsburgh while he was still a teenager, using the pseudonym Roy Elliott. During the s Eldridge played with the ensembles of two important white band leaders, Gene Krupa and Artie Shaw. Yet, Eldridge himself had to face frequent humiliation from club owners and the managers of restaurants and hotels. A sensitive and proud man, this wounded Eldridge deeply, and the scars never entirely healed.

Having just played a successful job at a ballroom in Oakland, across the bay, he was excited about the upcoming performance, and showed up early.

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You can learn a lot by going to rehearsals. Jazz folk are fairly open and generous and if you are genuinely interested they always say yes. Only band that ever turned me down in all these years was the sax quartet ROVA who have a policy that rehearsals are a closed deal. That was when they were just starting out circa when I was living in Frisco.

By the s, Duke Ellington and his singer Ivy Anderson received a rave review of all places, the prestigious Hartford Club, with absolutely no caveat emptors Unless you were completely up to speed with the dynamic North End scene, of Jazz for Hartford, one that’s happening right now and has no expiration date.

Follow Ted Gioia on Twitter at www. Here are my picks for the best albums of in alphabetical order this year. These are drawn from all styles and all genres. Happy listening! Here is some background information. What is different about this year’s list?

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